From Concept to Completion

One of the pleasures of being in a creative industry is that I get to travel to new places and work with very talented people. IMG_1349Last month I traveled to East Waterford, Pennsylvania   to work with The Moogician, Todd Charles. You may recall the promo video we made for Todd last year. Shortly after that project Todd came to me with a fun concept for a parody music video. In addition to performing magic, Todd is also an accomplished musician and had previously recorded two parody songs that he wrote.

It is with great pleasure and amusement that I share with you this month two music videos that I shot and edited, on location. First up is a lively, toe-tapping song all about cheese!

IMG_1356We filmed this all around New York City in just one day; hitting all the iconic landmarks from the Statue of Liberty to Rockefeller Center. Shooting from the rooftop gave us an even greater perspective of the city but was also the most challenging for me as I am not a fan of heights. And, despite initial weather reports of heavy rain, it turned out to be a perfect day in New York!

The second song, The Milk Song, we filmed over two days at the Lovetwo Farm dairy farm in Pennsylvania.

IMG_1331This was quite a unique experience for me as I had never been on a dairy farm nor had I filmed cows before. It was interesting to see how much the cows interacted with us and the camera.  We definitely had some very “happy accidents” that made it into the final edit. I could not imagine a better location to film a song devoted to milk!

A big thanks to Dan Love at Lovetwo Farm, and especially to Todd Charles for writing and recording these fun songs and giving me the opportunity to collaborate on bringing them to life!


Video Projection Mapping

Combining robotics, projection mapping, and a choreographed actor, this performance tells a story of the principles of magic. This is a performance unlike any I have ever seen!

And here’s a Behind the Scenes look:

Stage Fright

Have you ever experienced stage fright?  Think about the first time you ever got up in front of a group of people to give a presentation or perform a show.  If you have ever experienced that nauseating sensation then you will certainly appreciate this terrific short film, appropriately titled – Stage Fright by Elina Minn.

I loved the use of perspective in this and the way the features of the face became objects. As I was watching this I was reminded of Salvador Dali’s image of The Surrealist’s Apartment aka Mae West Face.

Dali_ApartmentIn this painting, features of Mae West’s face are actual furniture pieces laid out in such a way that the perspective from straight on shows a proportional face. Here is an image of the actual setup on display at the Salvador Dali museum in Figueres, Spain.


Serenade to Miette

Today I would like to share with you a wonderful animated short film by Toniko Pantoja. Coincidentally, it involves magic; more specifically, a street magician and a professional illusionist, and a run-in with the mafia.  Great storytelling and unique animation make this worth the viewing. Enjoy this fun film called “Serenade to Miette”!


Here’s a wonderful piece of CineMagic for you dealing with manipulations. The concept of material manipulation or transformation has always interested me. Steven Briand uses clever stop motion photography to create brilliant animations with a (seemingly) single piece of paper.



Last night on Mystery School Monday we discussed the topic of Preparing for a Show. How do magicians prepare? What is the process a performer goes through to ensure their performance is a success? This great short film by Joe Larue shows exactly that!